6 Steps to a Magical Match

Every entrepreneur knows finding the right business partner can be as tough as finding the right life partner.

Here’s how Julianna Shaw, co-founder of ZoLi, a baby products website, shares how she found her like-minded business partner.

“When you start any business venture, you live and breathe that idea 24/7 so it is important to find someone who can share that passion with you,” says Shaw.

Shaw offers the following advice when picking the person to join you on your professional journey:

  • Assess your work styles. Personality is key since you’ll be with them constantly.
  • “Date” your business partner. In other words – look for similar traits you would hope to find in a significant other.
  • Look for complementary skill sets. If you’re strong in some areas, they might have strength in others resulting in better productivity.
  • And, look for similar values.
  • Open communication at every step improves the odds the relationship will work. Clarify decisions that will be taken together and the ones that will be done independently, right at the start.
  • Alignment on company vision is key. As the company grows, it’s important to discuss if there are changes to the direction the firm is taking.


Shaw credits a great business partnership with much of her company’s success and growth. Revenue is up 150 percent since its launch four years ago.

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What are your top tips for finding the right business partner?

By Christina Caldwell

“It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.”
Sarah Bernhardt

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