Bangalore to Mysore: Travel with Freedom

Mysore is a cultural hub of South India, famous for its architecture and handicrafts. It is also a growing business center and the route from Bangalore is always a busy one. Bangalore to Mysore is a pleasant drive via the NH275, covering a distance of 150 km. En route, one can get to see the countryside of southern Karnataka, which includes the rocky formations of Ramanagara and the beauty of Srirangaptana. 

Driving along this route is convenient and leads to a fun experience, which is why car rentals are gaining popularity. Taxis are also becoming more expensive and getting to Mysore is just the beginning of the journey. Car rentals provide a better experience in many ways, as one does not need to depend on local options when traveling to Mysore.

Attractions of Mysore
Beyond its popular cityscape dotted with major attractions like the Mysore Palace and the zoo, Mysore has more sites to be discovered in the larger district. The Chamundeshwari temple is a hilltop shrine and getting there is a nice winding drive through forests. Another popular landmark in the city is the Railway Museum. Travelers can also head over to the Krishnarajasagar Dam and visit the sprawling Brindavan Gardens known for its horticultural riches and unique works of topiary. Srirangapatna is a short distance away from the city and is the site of the famous final battle of Tipu Sultan and his mausoleum.

Regular chauffeured taxis can dull the adventure of the Bangalore to Mysore route to quite an extent. The offbeat detour or the dhaba experience that everyone talks about does not have to be missed if self-drive car rentals are chosen, instead of taxis or cabs. Car rentals are offering the privileges of privacy and freedom without adding a burden on the finances. With a rented car, one has an end-to-end transport solution. Modern car rentals like Zoomcar offer app-based booking and cashless payment, adding to the hassle-free nature of a rented car. Features like 24/7 on-road support and fuel coverage add an extra layer of assurance, perfect for all-girl travel groups or families as well.

A self-drive Bangalore to Mysore cab provides a ticket to an open-ended journey. Whether the trip is for leisure or business, car rentals provide convenience at affordable rates, making it the ideal way to experience the city.

Photo by Michal Bednare | Shutterstock

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