How To Combat That Sedentary Life

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a whole host of people all across society are living extraordinarily sedentary lives. That is, they’re simply not moving enough. And when you think about it, it makes absolute perfect sense. Think of this: a person wakes up in the morning, gets in their car, parks in the underground parking facility below their office, gets an elevator up to their floor, sits down, gets up and uses the elevator to home, and then sits and catches up on TV shows. During all the time, how mobile have they really been? Consequently, that person will find it difficult to stay in shape, simply because for the vast majority of their time they’re just not moving.

If this sounds at all like you, then don’t worry; we’re happy to help. By making just a few changes in your life, you can become much more active without even noticing it.

The Commute
As much as we’d like to cut out your commute, we can’t. But we can change how you get to work. If you’re completely committed to overhauling your fitness, then ditch the car altogether and cycle into work. It’ll wake you up, give you more energy, and keep you healthy. If that’s too much, then you don’t have to cycle; just change where you park. If you parked ten minutes away from your office, then that’s a twenty walk each day without even trying to fit it into your schedule!

In the Office
There’s no law that says you have to sit down all day at the office. Every hour, make sure you go for a short walk around the office. This has other perks besides fitness, for example fostering more face to face interaction rather than just using phones or online messaging with coworkers. Even when you’re at your desk you don’t need to stay sat; standing up while working has a host of benefits, so invest in a sit stand desk and stay on your feet all day long.

Hello Exercise
We’re about to take away your evening routine, but we promise that you’ll be better off for it in the long run. When you get home, don’t just make your dinner and sit in front of the television; get outside and do some exercise. It might seem the last thing you want to do after a long day at work, but you’ll soon that exercise actually gives you more energy. It sounds contradictory, but it’s true! It doesn’t have to mean long hours in the gym; a quick thirty minute run is all it takes.

Weekend Life
Ah, the weekend… shopping, dinner, bars. Not bad. But what about…an activity out in nature? You’ve got plenty of time over the weekend, so rather than doing the same old, same old, get yourself out and about town, doing some active with friends and family. It doesn’t need to be every weekend; twice a month will do it, and you’ll soon have a hobby you want to do again and again.

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