Effective Communication: A Quick How To!

The way we speak combined with the words we choose has the power to pull us down into a professional status-quo or set us up for greatness.

Don’t you love it when you know exactly what to say and when during important meetings and encounters with influencers?

According to a UCLA study, verbal communication accounts for seven percent of how others may perceive you. Compared to visual or non-verbal communication, which accounts for 50 percent, it doesn’t seem substantial.

But, despite the power of non-verbal communication, if you don’t speak properly you won’t project your best image.

“The way we speak has the power to set us up for greatness.”

How to make sure your words send the right message?

  • Ensure the quality of your voice is clear.
  • Assume control over the volume, with the ability to turn your volume up or down as appropriate.
  • Speed up your pace when others try to complete sentences for you.
  • And, slow down if others are asking you to repeat yourself.

The most renowned speakers have practiced coming across more confident and self-assured, so we’re all in good company.

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By Chloe Taylor Brown

Chloe is a lifestyle enhancement expert and author of Girl Swag. For more visit her website or follow her on Twitter @ChloeTBrown.

“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” Elizabeth Gilbert

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