Five Ways Good Storage Can Transform Your Bedroom

Before you start adding storage to your bedroom, you’ll need to decide on a simple, uncomplicated colour palette. You’ll need to make sure your room has enough natural light. If your bedroom has the one window, use warm light bulbs and lots of mirrors to make your room appear fresh and larger than it is.

Under bed storage. If you’re wanting to utilize your space to give yourself plenty of room to move around in, add under bed storage. Adding drawers or baskets to store shoes in, or for deeper drawer space, a bed from the Divan Bed Centre can give you more storage. Neatly store away bulky items, such as spare blankets, duvets, towels and bedding. Divan style beds are great for helping to protect your fabrics and clothes from moth damage.

Drawer and wardrobe space. Transform your wardrobe to improve its overall functionality. This wardrobe reconfigure is a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of the old clothes you’re not wearing. Add in shelves for shoes and bags. Nail in hooks or adding baskets for belts can help with the day to day tasks of getting ready.
If you’re lacking on space, add in a second rail below the existing one to give you more storage space. Inner draw dividers can organise even the most cluttered underwear and sock drawer. You can buy honeycomb shaped dividers, square shaped and diamond varieties, or make some yourself out of felt or card.

Practical bookshelves. Freestanding bookshelves are great for storing everything from books, CDs, plants, shoes and even boxes full of trinkets. Covering these boxes with colorful wrapping paper make great storage units. If it’s not against the wall, attach hooks to the side of a bookshelf to give you an area to hand clothes quickly instead of leaving them on the floor. This is a great drop off point if you’re trying on clothes, that’ll make your room appear less cluttered. This can also work if you have space to fasten a hook under a shelf. It’ll work the same and leave your walls free from unnecessary extra marks.

Create zones with storage. If you’re working with a large bedroom, it can appear cold and too open. If you want to add warmth to an area, use shelves and storage units to break up a room. By essentially creating walls with free-standing shelves and units it will add depth to a large space. Don’t just think that bookcases and units need to be against a wall, think outside of the box and really get creative. You can create reading nooks, a desk workspace or a cozy place to watch TV or play video games, just by putting a shelving unit length ways.

Make use of your headboard. Choosing a headboard with storage or overhead shelving can really transform your room. Over bed storage is one of the most unused spaces in a bedroom. For something more dramatic you can cover the whole wall in storage units. This will be the real focal point of the room, so there may be no need for a wardrobe, but if you do need the extra room, you could opt for under bed storage instead.

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