Full-Time Dads

Gender aside, working parents often share the same struggles.

Just ask Sean Hannum, P&G’s practice leader for global business services, whose recent divorce gave him the new title of full-time dad to his 12 and 9 year-old daughters.

So what’s the advice from a dad who juggles it all?

Aside from “three alarm clocks, coffee, help from others and luck,” he integrates work and family.

He reveals, “I used to compartmentalize life, like on a scale with work on one side and family on the other. You’ll always be distracted if you think this way.”

Skills he’s learned at work come in handy at home. “Leveraging the same skills I have as a strategic project manager combined with good collaborative efforts with my ex-wife and others has helped,” says Hannum.

Another method working parents can glean from Hannum is his ‘One System’ rule. For him, it’s his smartphone. “Everything from school phone numbers to office meetings is in there. If it’s not in the iPhone it’s not important,” he says.

P&G offers reduced work schedule programs, work-from-home management training and support groups for working parents.

While not every organization may have these provisions, Hannum says having the conversation with your boss on how to best manage your schedule benefits not only you, but the company, too.

And what has his unusual experience taught him about moms? “Mothers, especially working mothers, rock! I’m amazed at how accountable they are, which is why businesses need to focus on how to free up female leaders.”

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Do you know a full-time dad?

By Christina Caldwell

“It was my father who taught me to value myself. He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life.”
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