How a Line of Credit Will Help Your Business Thrive

As a small business owner, you might consider various funding options for business owners. Naturally, you will hope to choose an option that helps support your business goals, is accessible for a business like yours, and offers you the best chance to make a profit. You might have researched bank loans, business credit cards, or even outside investors. If you haven’t looked at the advantages of a business line of credit, it might be time to think about this flexible, accessible, and manageable option.

Is a Line of Credit the Right Funding Option for Your Business?
First, it might help to briefly discuss how a line of credit works and where to obtain one:

  • Business line of credit: A business line of credit offers a kind of revolving credit. A lender will approve you for a maximum credit balance. After approval, you are free to take some or all of your credit out in the form of cash that will be deposited to your business account. If you don’t withdraw all of your balance, you still reserve the right to draw more cash out later. The lender only charges fees on the amount that you withdraw from the time that you make the withdrawal.
  • Where to obtain a line of credit for your business: Different lenders offer these kinds of loans. Online lenders make the process of applying and getting funded easy and convenient as you can apply online. For documentation, you simply link in your choice of accounts to prove that you operate a legitimate business instead of supplying the traditional credit scores or owner equity. Business owners can enjoy rapid approval decisions and quick funding once the loan has been approved.

To understand the benefits of a line of credit, it might help to compare this kind of loan with some other funding alternatives. For instance:

  • Credit cards: A line of credit might seem similar to a credit card at first. Yes, they are both kinds of revolving credit. However, credit cards are mostly only for purchases. A line of credit allows you to withdraw cash directly into your business account, so you can use it for all sorts of expenses.
  • Fixed loans: You could choose to apply for a fixed loan at a bank or other finance company. However, banks usually take quite a bit of time to approve loans and then may take even longer to fund them. Banks usually ask for business credit scores and owner equity. With a fixed loan, you have to pay interest on the entire loan, if you need to use it right away or not.
  • Investors: Some entrepreneurs dream of finding investors for their company. The advantage of finding investors is that you won’t need to take on debt. On the other hand, investors usually want some measure of control over a business in return for their money. Also, finding investors for new businesses is usually not that fast or easy.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from a Line of Credit?
Is your business seasonal with slow and busy periods during the year? Do you worry that you might not have money for ordinary operating expenses if you need to make repairs or invest extra money in a growth opportunity? If you can answer yes to these questions, a line of credit might offer you the perfect funding option.

To understand how a line of credit might benefit your company, consider some examples:

  • For instance, seasonal businesses may be able to take advantage of discounts on inventory and supplies during typical slow periods in their industry. Without access to funding, it might be hard to justify spending money when revenues are low – even if those investments could help your business profit during the busy time of year.
  • If your business is new, you might not have had time to put away cash reserves in case your equipment breaks down or you need to hire a new employee. If you have a line of credit, you can handle emergencies and enjoy a chance to grow your company. You will have to pay fees on money that you borrow, but you might risk losing more money if you can’t access cash.

A line of credit can offer your business a fast, accessible, and flexible way to obtain funding. You can seek an approval today, even if you are not sure you will need to the money right away. Online lenders can usually fund withdrawals within 24 hours after they approve you, so you won’t have to wait to repair your vehicle or invest in inventory. You also won’t have to choose between doing the right thing for your company and making sure you can meet payroll or pay the light bill. Obviously, the biggest benefit of a business line of credit is that it can offer business owners peace of mind.


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