Marketing Musts Business Owners Forget

It’s hard to get your head around different forms of marketing as a business owner, we’re sure you’ll agree. There’s so many different methods you can think about using and there’s no cheat sheet that tells you which ones are effective. Here are some of the key factors of marketing that tend to go right over the heads of business owners.

It’s Not How Many, It’s The Quality
There’s applies to everything you can think of in marketing from links and pictures to articles and posts. If the quality isn’t there, you won’t see the results but most business owners don’t understand this. They think that quality isn’t important. Instead they can post whatever they like continuously without any impact. This is why while some sites have high levels of content, their search ranking is still quite poor.

Connections Are Cool
You need to make sure that customers feel connected to your company when you’re marketing to them. To do this, you need to start a narrative. Skilled marketers know exactly how to do this by using tools such as social media. Business owners on the other hand, tend to make silly mistakes communicating with customers that can have the opposite effect.

Optimization Doesn’t Just Apply To Text
It’s everything from the titles to the images contained within the content. It is possible to optimize images and by doing this you can make sure users online find your content and in turn, your site. But you need to know the right way to do this. Luckily, the infographic below has all the details.

Infographic by Digitalico Media
Photo by Lucky Business | Shutterstock

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