Misconceptions About Sales Careers Exploded

Sales can often be seen as a seedy sort of career that those graduates that can’t find anything else end up doing. However, nothing could be further than the truth. In fact, working in sales is a hugely rewarding, challenging, and disciplined role that needs drive and dedication to succeed. Read on, to find out more about the common misconception of this field and why they decidedly shouldn’t stop you from choosing this as a genuine career option.

You have to out and out lie to people. I think the biggest misnomer about sales jobs is that you have to lie to people to hit your targets. Let get one thing straight, if you lie to your customers, you will not get very far.

In fact, you risk any sale you have achieved, especially if they are of a high value, as who is going to sit there and use the same company or representative again if they haven’t got what they were promised in the first place?

The fact is that most sale jobs rely on building a relationship of trust with your client and using this to leverage repeat business shows how silly this idea truly is. That means if it’s the worry about lying that is holding you back from this career choice, you truly no longer need to worry.

There aren’t as many jobs. What with so many sales being conducted online it would be easy to see why many graduates think that sales as a profession could be in danger of dying out.

To address this point, it’s certainly true that a lot of marketing and funneling of customers is designed to happen automatically online. Having said that, however, there will always be a place for person to person sales, especially in the higher value business end of the market. The reason for this is that folks just aren’t going to buy a customized expensive option for their employer without getting face to face reassurance first. After all, they will want to know that their reputation is safe before they sign on the dotted line and that is something that you as a sales representative can provide for them.

This view is borne out by the success of many graduate recruiting agencies like Metamorphose that focus on finding high-quality sales candidates with excellent resilience and interpersonal skills for the biggest players in the field. After all, if the market were unstable, there would be little need for service like this.

You have to be cut throat. Lastly, many well-qualified graduates can be put off a sales career because they feel the only way to succeed in the field in to be cutthroat and only out for themselves.

However, this is usually a misconception that is base on a lack of experience, as any person working on a sales team will realize that you have to pull together to keep each other motivated and help each other out to meet your group targets. Most teams are in fact set up to reward individual achievement with commission, but also value group success as well. Something that ensures that there is a balance between the two.

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