A Platform, A Career… Honoring Women of Color

With Black History Month coming to a close soon, we wanted to make sure our one-and-only Jessica Wise was platformed as yes, our one-and-only woman of color who is paving the way for women in her generation, plus others. Wise started with PINK as an editorial intern in 2014. Since her promotion to associate editor and producer, she has gained accolades as a working actress and blogger. 

PINK: How do you define yourself?
Wise: Defining yourself is difficult at 23. But when I begin to feel anything less my usual creative, bold, and always-ascending self, I have to remember to see myself the way my higher power sees me. Never perfect, but always growing. 

PINK: What lessons have made you the woman you are today?
Wise: I’ve been betrayed quite a bit in my adulthood, and those lessons taught me about how beautiful and dangerous relationships can be. My parents, my grandmother, and my true friends have helped me rise above and be unafraid to walk away from things that do not deserve my time and attention. I have learned to observe before making big decisions, but I have also learned to stand up for myself, even when the costs maybe detrimental. There comes a point where silence is betrayal as well, and a huge part of what has made me the woman I am today is refusing to betray myself and others.

PINK: How do you wish to impact the future generation?
Wise: I’m only 23, so I’m certainly not thinking about children myself. But I do have younger cousins, one who I am mentoring to crush the patriarchy. That’s what I really want for the next wave of children—intersectional activism. We live in a country that was built on taking a stand, but often women of color and the LGBT community were left out. I want to create a career and a platform that is honest and inclusive.


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