Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years Time?

It’s one of the biggest questions of your career, isn’t it? When you’re trying to work out what you want to achieve in life, your mind can often go blank. And when you find yourself staring into a black hole every time you try to come up with an idea, you almost convince yourself that you’re never going to make it in any kind of career. But that isn’t ever true. In fact, you can often ensure that you get ahead in your career when you do plan ten years in advance. It’s just about thinking about where you want to be and what you can to do with your life in order to make it happen.

Whether you know exactly where you want to end up or not, you can make that ten-year plan happen. Although each step may never go according to plan, because they very rarely do, you will find that have a step-by-step plan laid out in front of you can be the difference between driving yourself forwards and falling behind. So If you want to start taking some steps in the right direction, here’s what you need to do.

Have A Good Think
First of all, you need to put some time and attention into considering where you want to be in ten years time in the first place. It’s so easy to think of lots of little fantasy career paths, but if you’re serious about making it happen, you need to ensure that you have an idea of what you want to do. And don’t worry if you feel like deciding on a career is difficult, because it is for so many of us. You just need to ensure that you choose something that feels right for you.

Solidify That End Goal
Next, you need to skip ahead to that end goal. Because how can you plan your next steps without envisioning where you will be in ten years? You need to get your outline first, and that means pulling together the perfect place to be in ten years time and going from there. If you’re able to ensure that you have a clear idea of where you want to be, then you’ll be able to put your steps in place in order to get there.

Start Working Backwards
Next, you should think about working your way backwards. Because coming up with that end goals and then trying to figure out what your first steps should be can be hard. Instead, you should aim to think about what you need to do to get there. And backwards planning can be a really effective way of ensuring that you don’t miss out some of the most important steps.

Outline Where You Need To Start
Then, you do need to think about where you should start. Whether that’s landing your first internship in a creative job, or speaking to someone like Portfolio procurement recruitment agency so that you start off on the right foot. Because you will often find that the way you get started paves the way for the most effective career progress.

Take Everything In
But while you’re on your career success journey, you need to ensure that you take everything in. Because the skills you learn on the job can really help to advance your career. And you’re not going to be able to find out what they are unless you really listen and absorb everything about your new job. And if you’re ready to learn and grow, you’ll definitely find yourself ready for the next step, whatever and whenever that should be.

Take A Course
And if you’re really keen to keep on growing and keep on progressing, you should definitely think about the different ways education can benefit your career. You may not want to go back to school and get your master’s, but you may be interested in a course that can really help to progress your career. So definitely keep your eyes peeled for the right thing to boost your skills and experience.

Get More Experience
At the same time, you may also want to think about the ways in which you can boost your experience. Because you’re not always going to be ready for the next steps without pushing yourself to take on more. And to do this, you can often need to do more, volunteer yourself for more, or even do something outside of work that can give you the experience you need. So make sure you factor this into your plan.

Start Something On The Side
Next up, you should definitely think about starting something on the side. Side hustles can benefit your career in so many different ways. Not only can you teach yourself vital skills that can benefit your career, but you may also allow yourself to discover different opportunities that can progress your career for you. And, above all else, you may find that your side hustle can turn into a bonafide business in its own right. But you won’t be able to do that unless you start out.

Fight For Those Promotions
When you’re working for a company, one of the ways that you’re going to get your career progress at the right speed, is to ensure that you’re getting those promotions when they’re due. Whether you need to work on a certain part of your skills or experience, or even move companies, getting a promotion is going to be a huge part of ensuring that you’re able to move on with your plans and reach that end of the ten-years goal.

Tick Everything Off As You Go Along
And finally, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re able to tick everything off as you go along! Because when you follow your plan as closely as you can, you’ll find that it pushes you on, keeps you on track, and encourages you to keep on meeting those milestones. But if you don’t tick everything off, you can benefit from that. So ensure you track your progress periodically.

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