“Speed” Up Your Career Progression

Driving for so many of us is our livelihood, and without it, we wouldn’t be able to get very far. And there are many of us who feel our driving skills are superior, and there are some of us who would quite like it if it was part of our job. For those who are on the hunt for a change in career, there are more options out there than you realize.

Emergency Response Driver
While it’s no secret that the emergency services are under a lot of pressure, as a career choice it is an incredibly challenging and rewarding way to work. From the fire department to ground ambulance services, there are many avenues you can go down. As a choice of career, driving an ambulance will test your skills as a driver and as a human being. You will need to remain calm in stressful situations because it will be life or death situations for many patients. You need to act accordingly and manage your emotions. Even something as simple as being hungry or angry about a small thing can seriously impact your performance on the job. These emotions have to be resolved in a quick and efficient manner for you to be able to do your job 110 percent. As driving is an area where your ability to react quickly is everything, you will have other outside factors to contend with too, as well as the added challenge of the medical side. But as a challenging career, where every second counts, it is one of the most rewarding.

Haulage Driver
In an industry that is traditionally dominated by men, it might not be an obvious choice of career for many. But the role of a haulage driver works for so many people as a choice of job. The hours are long, and you have only your own company on the road, but for those people who prefer to work by themselves, it is an ideal career option. Time to yourself, and the challenges of long-haul drivers are not for the faint of heart, such as alertness, but for a keen driver who has learned all they can by driving a standard automobile, this is the next big challenge.

Package Driver
Sure, you can become a delivery driver, but the hours are unsociable (mainly evenings), and you will need to use your own car which will constantly stink of takeout, but for the career perks, you can work for a firm like UPS or FedEx. The salary is quite high for what is essentially a delivery driver job, but the perks and career progression are great. You may also need to lift heavy items on occasion, but as a job, you would be hard-pressed to find one where you drive for a living and see the country. This is a combination of a customer service role combined with the driving aspect. If you have a background in customer service and want to start driving larger vehicles (which you need to obtain a special license for), this is a logical choice.

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