Tips for a Tidier Office

If the place where you do your business is a mess, you’ll probably find it a lot more difficult to get any work done. Clutter and mess cause a major distraction, which can really throw you off your game, and that’s why, if you want to be as efficient, creative and successful as you can be, you’ll need to keep your office tidy.

If you aren’t particularly good at keeping your workspace clean and clutter-free, here are some simple tips for a tidier office:

Go Digital
A lot of the clutter in offices is caused by paper and files that haven’t been properly put away. If this is your problem, you could resolve to actually put stuff in the filing cabinets as soon as your done with them, or you could do the more realistic thing and go digital. The more of your files that are stored online in the cloud, the less clutter there will be in your office. It really is that simple!

Use Cable Tidies
If you work in an office, chance are you have a lot of electrical equipment to help you get the job done – computers, printers, monitors etc. If that’s the case, then you’ll probably be burdened by a whole bunch of cables, which not only make the place look messier but can actually be a real trip hazard and a nightmare to deal with if they get tangled – enter the Cable Tidy. This simple invention will make your office look ten times tidier and make it a whole lot safer too, and all for a few dollars.

Get Rid of the Non-Essentials
Chances are you use the same handful of things in your office every day and chances are they aren’t the only things taking up space in your office. If you want the place to be tidier, it makes sense to go minimalist and get rid of the unnecessary. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep your pot plant or that painting you love so much; it just means getting rid of the really unnecessary, so that you have more space to breathe and less opportunities to make a mess.

Schedule Cleaning Time
If you don’t exactly clean your office quite as often as you maybe should, it’s certainly worth scheduling the time to do it. If it’s in your calendar and you’ve cleared a window for it, then it’s much more likely to actually happen.

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