Wedding Trends All Soon-to-be-Married Should Keep An Eye On

There are perhaps only one or two other days in your life that will be more important than your wedding. The hustle and bustle is warranted, given that it’ll form the base of your memories for decades to come.

Making sure your wedding runs smoothly goes well beyond getting the right wedding dress and accessories; but these make a good start. You can square these away by taking advantage of the internet and visiting sites such as as a one-stop shop. If you’re into trends, and want to update your wedding plans to match this era, consider the following handful of amendments you can make.

Seasonal Blooms As Decorations
An ever-growing trend you’ll see in magazines and onscreen weddings are romantic flower arrangements adorning various surfaces. Think strings of dahlias and other soft-petal blooms snaking across the dining bench of an outdoor wedding; it creates a matchless ambiance worthy of a thousand photographs – especially with the catered meals already set. Garlands around lamp posts or similar structures serve as the icing on the cake with this wedding trend.

Lightly-Frosted Wedding Cakes
This style is also known as the translucent cake, where the frosting on one side is markedly lighter than on the other sides. These type of cakes present a unique look that has really caught on lately, with the buttercream side presenting an interesting and tasty juxtaposition with the untouched side of the cake. They present very well in pictures, too.

On a side bench or table, feel free to add sweets for children attending the wedding. Choose from thousands of options at this online candy store to complete the obligatory variety of sugary treats on this very special day. It affords you the opportunity to set up several “sweet stations” to add to the artistry of the event, and to encourage mingling among the guests.

Gaudy Metallic Sheen
Silvers, golds and platinums are trendy colors for the evening. Adorn any display tables with pewter-colored sashes, and strategically drape them around structures at the event. Of course, to cut down on costs, you might want to save the metallics for the reception table and every few set of benches – figure it out with your budget beforehand. These so-called encore metallics match wonderfully with the blacks, grays and whites that tend to dominate the wedding reception scene.

Sticking With Local Food
Going exotic may result in people being hungry because of the unfamiliar food. This makes the trend of going with local specialties a cost-effective one; plus. Variety is always a great choice here, and you can canvas the restaurant menus to get ideas of what you may want at your wedding. Feel free to ask the servers what their most popular dishes are.

Secure A Live Band
The evening’s entertainment doesn’t have to be a band, of course; the point is live entertainment. Leave the DJ for another event; live gospel singers and choirs with gymnasts or something snazzy and unique is trendy this year. There are plenty of groups available via social media so you won’t have any trouble finding one.

Include Pets In The Wedding Shots
Your furry friends are a part of the family, after all, and should be memorialized in this joining of families and futures. If you don’t have a cat or dog, you can also get one specifically for the photos – it’s a trend, after all, and plenty of people are doing just that. You can even go exotic and include a piglet or ostrich in the shot – it’s up to you!

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