Young & Single Professionals: Here Are Ways to Love YOURSELF This Valentine’s Day


Calling all the single ladies (and gentlemen)!  Every Valentine’s Day, we find ourselves single on one of the most romantic days of the year.  Mind you, we have already sat through Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families asking, “When are you bringing somebody home?” and New Years seeing everyone get a kiss or an engagement ring. Then Valentine’s Day arrives, and we get “the looks” again.

We don’t mind, because we are building a life and career right now.  We’re not interested nor focused on dating.  Still, you deserve some treats on V-Day, too.  Here are ways you can love YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t take the extra shift.  In fact, go home early if you can.  Just because your co-worker is married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you (“the single friend”) have to pick up their work.  If you still want to be helpful, offer it the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day, that way you both can have the evening to yourselves.

Go to that Restaurant! You have the rest of the night to sit on your couch and watch The Notebook.  Don’t let this day make you retreat to your space just because you don’t want people to feel sorry for you being alone.  In fact, be PROUD that you’re alone.  Because you are alone for a reason, and you know there is nothing wrong with that.  Who cares what other people think?  Put on an outfit that makes you feel good, make a reservation for yourself or some of your single friends (remember Gal-entines Day?), and go have a good time.  And if you go alone, leave the book at home.

CHEAT on Your Diet.  Just because nobody brings you chocolates, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself.  Get your favorite meal at that restaurant and top it off with cake and wine.

You deserve it.

Get some fresh air.  Take a walk in the park, or do some meditation and yoga with a group.  Finding a way to get out of the old grind makes the day special for you, too.

Unplug from Work.  Whether you take yourself to dinner or decide to order a pizza to your place, treat tonight as if you’re on a date with yourself.  You would not want your partner to be distracted with emails and texting.  It takes quality time away from you.  You have to demand the same undivided attention of yourself.  Turn the ringer off.

And then watch The Notebook.  😉

Go Shopping the Day After.  The day after Valentine’s Day spills over with sales!  This is the best time to get those chocolates.  They usually run for 50 percent-off the day after Valentine’s Day, and you can avoid the rush of last minute shoppers.

Sometimes we forget that we need to love ourselves just as much as we need to love others.  Pay no attention to “the looks” or social media this Valentine’s Day.  You are enough, for yourself and for anyone who may come along next year.  Revel in this moment, because you never know when you’ll get it back.

“When you really love yourself and care about yourself and cherish yourself and give yourself that worth, you won’t allow people to treat you in any other way except that is loving and healthy and how you would treat them.”–Jennifer Lopez

By Jessica Wise

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